Aquaponics Water Test Kit


Are you testing your water? It is important to check your water prior to adding fish and get the best results from your food system. Protect the health of your fingerlings and ensure they have the correct water quality conditions before adding them to your system. This kit is specific to the parameters required for aquaponics, fish and plant health. Made in South Australia.

Alkalinity 10 Ammonium IND  Calcium 10  Iron PHE  Nitrate NED Nitrite NED  pH 4.5-9.0  Potassium TPB

Contains Approx. 50 tests per parameter. That’s 400 tests in total per kit!

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Aquaorganic™ Aquaponics Water Test Kit

All the tests you’ll ever need for your aquaponics system for plant and fish health. We’ve put them together in a customized, professional quality testing kit. Made in South Australia.

Comes complete with

  • detailed instructions,
  • all required test tubes, cuvettes, measuring spoons,
  • 5 colour comparator charts
  • waterproof storage tray

Only replace the bottles that you need, all reagents and accessories are available individually.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 25 cm