Eel Tailed Catfish

Eel Tailed Catfish Fingerlings 5cm. Temperature: 15 C – 26 C.  pH: 7.0-8.0

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Size approx. 5cm. The eel-tailed catfish, Tandanus tandanus, is a freshwater fish native to the Murray-Darling river system of Australia. Very tolerant of a wide range of water conditions, temp range 15-26 deg.C

WARNING – Eel-tailed catfish contain venom in the dorsal and pectoral fin. Ensure you use a net and glove when handling. See our files on fish handling.

Catfish are carnivores. Generally they are a bottom species but will quite happily feed at the surface if food is available there. Generally they eat a broad range of food, yabbies and shrimp are the main ones, but, worms, fish, insect larvae, tadpoles, frogs and snails etc are all consumed. Suitable for aquaculture and aquaponic systems.

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