Info Tour Reviews

“Enjoyed seeing how it all comes together. Inspiration for future dreams. Visually and physically walking around the systems  helped to get it to click.” Derek & Kat
“Thankyou for a fantastic tour, I found the day to be even better than expected and have been surprised by your knowledge & passion. I see enormous possibilities for both home and commercial farming and I can’t wait to get started. Thanks indeed.” James Hafner
“We were very impressed by the amount of information given and it was easy to understand. Produce was very tasty. Very helpful for us to understand how a working setup works. Thankyou we appreciate your help.” Greg and Marlene Bull
“Thanks for an informative day and the tour through, look forward to taking and chatting with you in the future.” Brad and Rach
“Thankyou Andrew for your generous nature to share with us a wealth of information. Knowledge is wealth. Thanks again.” Craig Lewis
“Thanks Andrew for a very informative course and a most instructive and enjoyable tour.” Reinhold Ritter
“Thanks Andrew for an interesting look at your garden and tour of local production systems.” Paul“Thanks for letting us pick your brain! The tour was very beneficial and made everything make sense.” Mel and Daniel Les

“A very informative day. It’s opened my eyes to the pitfalls likely to come across and given me a positive outlook for the road ahead.” Jack Firrell

“It’s really an excellent opportunity to come along and explore this.” Henri

“Thankyou very much Andrew! Very informative an very well presented.” Chas